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Press Release: Top UN economists warn of crises of our own making if global “megatrends” left unchecked

To avoid future failures, new report calls for overhaul of the way policies are made

Inequality Urbanization Climate change
Policy Brief
Migration governance in the Global South

Building knowledge about migration governance and policy in the Global South is a priority for research and policy. Migration is a defining feature of our time and one closely linked with processes of economic and political development...

International migration Emigration and immigration Economic Policy and Good Governance
Graduating in the shadow of the pandemic: The impact of COVID-19 on the transition of young Mozambicans from school to work

Since appearing in 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic has plunged the world into an unprecedented health and socioeconomic crisis...

school -to-work transitions Labour market Education
Working Paper
Changes in inequality within countries after 1990

In this paper, we use the World Income Inequality Database to assess the main trends in inequality within countries since around 1990...

Inequality Income WIID
Annual Lecture
UN at 75: slow death or a new direction

The 2020 WIDER Annual Lecture by Lord Mark Malloch-Brown will be held on 26 October 2020. This event will take place live online.

26 October 2020 17:3019:00
Open for registration
AL24-new direction
Do we have the right balance?: Aggregate population health and COVID-19

The world has been shaken by unprecedented efforts in the name of public health. But, efforts to arrest COVID-19 were not initially formulated with a comprehensive view of the public health in mind ...

COVID-19 Global health Aggregate population health
Five ways coronavirus is deepening global inequality

Before coronavirus, inequality was already increasing in many parts of the developing world . But the pandemic is going to greatly heighten existing economic and social inequalities...

COVID-19 Inequality Decent Work
COVID-19 intensifies global need to support informal workers in their struggle: Three guiding principles for a better deal

The world is facing an existential crisis that poses challenging questions: whether to put people and nature before owners of capital and technology; whether to protect the rights of the disadvantaged or the interests of the elite...

Decent Work Informality women's work
The debate around intellectual property rights and the COVID-19 vaccine

The most effective way to fight COVID-19 is by vaccinating against infection. But once the vaccine is developed, how can it be distributed across the world’s population?...

COVID-19 COVID-19 vaccine intellectual property rights
UNU-WIDER ongoing work on the effect of COVID-19 on the economies, states, and societies of the Global South

It is clear that COVID-19 will have serious implications for economies, states, and societies of the Global South. At UNU-WIDER we are reorienting our work to think through what those implications are and possible mitigation and adaptation measures...

Research Brief
Tackling poverty and inequality in Southern Africa: Transnational growth corridors as a solution

Comprehensive harmonization is crucial to eliminate inefficiencies that hamper free movement of goods and services in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region...

Growth growth corridors intra-regional trade
Working Paper
Is there a gender bias in intergenerational mobility?: Evidence from Cameroon

We examine the intergenerational mobility of women relative to men, using paired mother-daughter and father-son data on occupation and education for Cameroon...

Occupational mobility Educational mobility Intergenerational Mobility
An interview with José Antonio Ocampo: Why is 'Resetting the international monetary (non)system' one of the most popular economic titles at Oxford University Press?

The UNU-WIDER book ‘Resetting the International Monetary (Non)system’ by José Antonio Ocampo was recently ranked among the top ten economics books on Oxford Scholarship Online ...

International Monetary Fund IMF History (Monetary policy)
Research Brief
Turnin’ it up a notch: Can foreign direct investment help South Africa increase the complexity of its exports?

Since the end of apartheid, South Africa’s economic challenges have disrupted efforts to establish a society of inclusive growth and prosperity...

economic complexity Foreign Direct Investment FDI
Three UNU-WIDER books are 'Top 10 OSO Titles in Economics'

In a recent listing by Oxford University Press of the top ten most accessed works on Oxford Scholarship Online, UNU-WIDER books held three places, including the top spot as the most popular title in their Economics collection.

Book case / Susan Yin / Unsplash
Web Developer

UNU-WIDER is looking for an outstanding individual with strong web and systems development skills to join the institute’s ICT Team.

Reference number: 2020/UNU/WIDER/PSA/WD/53
Open until position is filled
Apply here
Kunal Sen is awardee of the 2020-22 V. K. R. V. Rao Chair at ISEC

Kunal Sen , our Director, has been awarded the prestigious Dr V K R V Rao Chair Professorship by the Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC) . The Chair is named after one of India’s most important economists, is awarded biennially to...

International tax research: Why does more than numbers matter

Can tax research be inspiring? Looking back at the three years of collaboration between UNU-WIDER and the Uganda Revenue Authority ( URA ), the answer is yes – but even that is just the start...

Taxation Administrative data Domestic revenue mobilization
Journal Special Issue
Understanding agricultural development and change: Learning from Vietnam

Agriculture is the backbone of most developing economies and structural transformation an important vehicle for economic development in low-income agrarian contexts...

How is COVID-19 changing development? WIDER Webinar Series

At UNU-WIDER we’re responding and adapting to the coronavirus pandemic. This has meant reorienting our research focus and changing how we facilitate knowledge exchange. We are making the most of the technology available and are pleased to host...

Journal Special Issue
Income inequalities and redistribution in China

This special section presents the main findings about long-run trends in inequality in China and its driving factors as they emerge from a country case study carried out under a UNU-WIDER-supported project...

Working Paper
COVID-19: macroeconomic dimensions in the developing world

The COVID-19 pandemic represents an unprecedented global crisis. The task for economic policy is to help keep people alive, enterprises afloat, and households out of poverty. The pandemic has macroeconomic dimensions...

commodities COVID-19 Debts
Background Note
Making a COVID-19 vaccine globally available once developed: Decoupling production of the vaccine from its development

Development and production of a COVID-19 vaccine There is a high risk that the intellectual property (IP) rights of a COVID-19 vaccine will effectively block people in many poorer countries from accessing it...

COVID-19 COVID-19 vaccine Intellectual property
Research Brief
Lessons from the transformations of Asian states State Democracy Redistribution
Working Paper
Precarity and the pandemic: COVID-19 and poverty incidence, intensity, and severity in developing countries

This paper makes a set of estimates for the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on poverty incidence, intensity, and severity in developing countries and on the distribution of global poverty...

COVID-19 crisis global poverty
Journal Article
The Determinants of Redistribution around the World

This study re-examines the determinants of redistribution in light of improved data and methods relative to earlier literature...

Cross-country analysis Growth Inequality
Research Brief
Solutions for designing better special economic zones programmes in Africa

Special economic zones (SEZ) in Africa are generally regarded as underperforming relative to their peers in the rest of the world...

design attributes geographic areas implementation
Research Brief
Developing a Malawi–South Africa value chain for industrial hemp: What are the challenges?

Diversifying the agricultural production in sub-Saharan Africa is important for the combat against poverty and climate change...

contract buying Contract farming industrial hemp
UNU-WIDER work programme 2019-2023: Transforming economies, states, and societies

Creating, strengthening, and sharing knowledge for development Over the period 2019–23 UNU-WIDER research will focus on the interlinked development challenges of transforming economies, states, and societies. These transformations are central...

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