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Research Fellow (P-2/P-3), Maputo, Mozambique

UNU-WIDER is hiring a Research Fellow in Maputo, Mozambique.

Closing date: 19 October 2022
UNU Careers
Finance Associate - Team Lead (G6)

UNU-WIDER is hiring a Finance Associate to lead its local finance team in Helsinki, Finland.

Closing date: 11 October 2022
UNU Careers
World energy: Looking ahead to COP27
18 October 2022 16:0017:00
Online, Finland
Open for registration
Request for research proposals
Enterprise development for job creation, Public revenue mobilization, and Structural transformation and inequality

The United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER), together with the National Treasury of South Africa (NT), is requesting research proposals under the second phase of the Southern Africa – Towards...

Closing date: 10 October 2022
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2022 UNU-WIDER Winter School

In 2022 UNU-WIDER launched an intensive winter school course on tax policy research. The course, which gathered 27 African researchers from 13 countries, took place in two parts. Part one was a 3-day online Stata and Statistics bootcamp in May-June...

Capacity development Tax administration data SDG17
Debt and innovative finance in developing countries
27 October 2022 09:3028 October 2022 14:15
Online and at Bank of Finland , Helsinki, Finland
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Working Paper
Inequality and human development: The role of different parts of the income distribution

In this paper we reassess the relationship between inequality and human development, focusing on the differential effect associated with the concentration of national income at different parts of the income distribution...

Human development Inequality Institutions
Are autocratic states doomed to weak fiscal capacity?

How best to increase and mobilize revenue is a key issue that confronts contemporary developing economies, but the same problems were faced —and solved— by today’s developed economies...

Fiscal states in developing economies: Why do they matter and where do they come from?

Modern states are complex organizations which perform a broad range of functions. They have an important role in economic and human development...

Fiscal capacity State capacity Building State Capabilities
Senior Research Fellow Patricia Justino appointed as Deputy Director of UNU-WIDER

The United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER) appoints Senior Research Fellow Patricia Justino as Deputy Director on 1 August 2022.

Conflict Trust Governance
The puzzle of peace - conference image
Working Paper
Rebel governance and political participation

Rebels, militias, and criminal groups all govern civilians. Governing strategies adopted by armed groups during civil war likely influence citizens’ post-conflict political participation, with consequences for democratic politics...

Armed conflict Governance Wartime governance
Annual Lecture
Women’s struggle for land in South Asia: Can legal reforms trump social norms? Gender Land rights Social norms
Tax revenues and tax capacity in sub-Saharan Africa

African countries raise lower amounts of tax as a share of national income (GDP) than other countries. Researchers are interested in understanding why this is the case...

Government tax revenue Government revenue domestic resource mobilization
Digital platforms and job search: Experimental evidence from Mozambique

Digital technologies can be deployed to improve job search, but their effectiveness in practice is disrupted...

Informality Job search Unemployment
Working Paper
Social protection expansions during crisis and fiscal space: From ad hoc to durable solutions?

This study provides a first attempt to contribute a large-scale assessment of whether crisis response as observed during the COVID-19 pandemic can serve as a feasible blueprint for creating durable solutions across countries...

Social protection Tax revenue COVID-19
Sales recovered faster from the pandemic than employment: Evidence from tax administrative and survey data in Zambia

Like most other countries, the government of Zambia introduced restrictions to control COVID-19, which considerably curtailed normal economic activity...

Competitiveness Debt Finance
Policy Brief
Inequality is not an inevitable consequence of economic development: Overcoming the developer’s dilemma
Call for Contributions: GlobalDev and UNU-WIDER Blog series on social mobility

In the last decades, globalization and technological advancements have improved the living standards of billions of people, and enabled many households to cross the poverty line. Nonetheless, these trends have also exacerbated inequalities around...

Social mobility
GRD 2022 update: Tax and revenue data for 197 countries in one dataset

An updated version of the Government Revenue Dataset (GRD) has been released. The dataset provides a complete picture of government revenue and tax trends over time, allowing for analysis at the country, regional, or cross-country level.

GRD Government revenue Database
What can the GRD do for policymakers?

A few months ago, I was asked to deliver a lecture at the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies on the UNU-WIDER Government Revenue Dataset (GRD) ...

GRD Domestic revenue mobilization Database
13th B.G. Kumar Lecture Is India a Land of Opportunity? delivered by Professor Kunal Sen

Professor Kunal Sen delivers the 13th B.G. Kumar Lecture on 'Is India the Land of Opportunity?' at the Center for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. The lecture begins at 15:30 (IST) or 12:00 (UTC+2). Virtual attendance...

21 November 2022 12:0014:30
CDS, Prasanth Nagar, Medical College P.O., Ulloor, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
The developer’s dilemma: Structural transformation, inequality dynamics, and inclusive growth

The developer’s dilemma is thus: developing countries seek inclusive economic development — i.e., structural transformation — sufficiently broad-based to raise the income of the poor...

Structural transformation Economic development Income inequality
Journal Article
Gender and vulnerable employment in the developing world: Evidence from global microdata

This study investigates gender inequality in vulnerable employment: forms of employment typically featuring high precariousness, inadequate earnings, and lack of decent working conditions...

Vulnerable employment Gender gap Developing countries
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