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Research Fellow P-3

UNU-WIDER is looking for an outstanding individual with strong commitment and potential to contribute to the implementation, and monitoring of the Inclusive Growth in Mozambique – Scaling-Up Research and Capacity programme. The position will be...

Reference number: 2019/UNU/WIDER/FTA/RFM/00100532
Closing date: 8 February 2019
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WIDER Seminar Series

The WIDER Seminar Series showcases the latest research on key topics in development economics. At the weekly sessions, early-career and senior researchers present recent and ongoing work related to UNU-WIDER’s current work programme. In...

WIDER Seminar Series
New data on income inequality – WIID4 released

The UNU-WIDER World Income Inequality Database ― widely known by its acronym WIID ― presents information on income inequality for developed, developing, and transition countries. The WIID provides the most comprehensive set of income inequality...

Working Paper
Inequality in China: Development, transition, and policy

In this paper we describe the major trends in China’s income inequality over the past 40 years and explain them as the outcome of four interleaved stories...

China Inequality Development Economics
Think development – Think WIDER

For more than 30 years, UNU-WIDER has been associated with some of the most advanced thinking in development economics. Since the Institute’s start in 1985, UNU-WIDER has undertaken research on all the principal themes of development economics. It...

13 September 201815 September 2018
Marina Congress Center (MCC), Katajanokanlaituri 6, 00160 Helsinki, Finland
Past event
WIDER Development Conference: Think development – Think WIDER
Research that matters: A report from the stakeholder workshop - 15 November 2018, Pretoria, South Africa

I found myself in the third-floor conference rooms of a Pretoria hotel for a meeting with economists, researchers, and policymakers involved in the SA-TIED programme ...

Economic inequality Data revolution Tax
Working Paper
Assessing the quality of the income data used in SAMOD, a South African tax-benefit microsimulation model

In this paper we explore the income data in two surveys that underpin a South African tax-benefit microsimulation model...

Tax-benefit microsimulation Income distribution data
Call for papers
WIDER Development Conference in partnership with UNESCAP: Transforming economies – for better jobs

United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER) in partnership with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) will organize a three-day conference on transforming...

Closing date: 28 February 2019
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© Taylor Leopold / Unsplash Ministry for Foreign Affairs hosts farewell lecture by Finn Tarp
17 December 2018
Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Arppeanum Auditorio Snellmanninkatu 3-5, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
The ins and outs of African industrialization: UNU-WIDER provides open access to a wealth of information

The question ‘why is there so little industrialization in Africa?’ has been a key focus of UNU-WIDER researchers and research partners for the last decade...

Industrialization Poverty Jobs
Working Paper
Welfare dynamics in rural Viet Nam: Learning from regular, high-quality panel data

While many studies of welfare dynamics have been conducted using panel data sets with two or three waves, much richer insights can be obtained where more waves are available...

Welfare dynamics Panel survey Panel data analysis
Rethinking African industrialization on another Africa Industrialization Day

This week I attended the 28 th Africa Industrialization Day at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Even sympathetic readers may reasonably ask, why hold another African Industrialization Day at all?...

Industrialization structural change Industrial policy
© World Bank Transforming economies - for better jobs
11 September 2019 08:3013 September 2019 17:00
United Nations Conference Centre, Rajadamnern Nok Avenue, Bangkok, Thailand
Southern Africa – Towards Inclusive Economic Development (SA-TIED)

SA-TIED programme looks at ways to support policy-making for inclusive growth and economic transformation in the southern Africa region, through original research conceived and produced in collaboration between United Nations University World...

 Southern Africa – Towards Inclusive Economic Development / SA-TIED
Horizontal inequality: Exploring persistence and change

A considerable body of recent research suggests that inequality between ethnic groups has major socioeconomic implications...

From PhD Fellow to President: (of Colpensiones, Colombia’s public pension and social security administrator) – Juan Villa

Four years ago, in 2014, Juan Villa spent three months at UNU-WIDER in our PhD Fellowship Programme...

Social protection Public policy UNU-WIDER PhD Fellowship
Research Brief
Bust before boom: New gas finds, investments, and their implications in Mozambique Economic diversification Economic transformation Extractive industries
Research Brief
Extractives and economic diversification in Mozambique: Will local content do the trick? Natural resource management Extractive industries Economic diversification
WIID - World Income Inequality Database

The World Income Inequality Database (WIID) presents information on income inequality for developed, developing, and transition countries. It provides the most comprehensive set of income inequality statistics available and can be downloaded for...

Working Paper
Mozambique—bust before boom: Reflections on investment surges and new gas

This paper is a sequel to an earlier paper that looked in broad terms at many of the issues that Mozambique faces today in managing its new extractive resources...

Economic diversification Economic transformation Extractive industries
‘Industrial’ policy in the 21st century

During the past week, I participated in two international conferences. The first was the WIDER Development Conference in Helsinki: Think development - Think WIDER ...

Industrialization structural change Employment and Industry
Working Paper
Ethnicity and risk sharing network formation: Evidence from rural Viet Nam

Ethnic inequality remains a persistent challenge for Viet Nam. This paper aims at better understanding this ethnic gap through exploring the formation of risk sharing networks in rural areas...

Risk-sharing network Homophily Ethnic inequality
Development policy in an era of robots: Views from the experts

Labour-saving technology in the form of robotic systems, artificial intelligence, and advanced computer networks may cause a rapid decline in global employment...

WIDER Development Conference Development Economics Economic policy
Tax havens - What is the nature of the beast?

International development organizations largely agree that illicit capital flight from developing countries is an obstacle for development. And transparency is commonly seen as the best way to tackle the issue. But is it enough?...

corporate income tax Taxation Law and legislation (Taxation)
Working Paper
Asian development after the Asian Drama

Inspired by Gunnar Myrdal’s core concepts discussed in his seminal work, Asian Drama: An Inquiry into the Poverty of Nations , published in 1968, this paper analyses the opening-up experiences of three Asian countries (China, India, and Malaysi...

Economic openness Operational controls Strategic integration
Poverty and inequality – twins or just siblings?

Sitting in the large conference room where we are being invited to ‘Think WIDER’ at the WIDER Development Conference this September...

Poverty and inequality Poverty Inequality
Journal Article
Poverty dynamics and graduation from conditional cash transfers: A transition model for Mexico’s Progresa-Oportunidades-Prospera program

The effects of conditional cash transfers (CCTs) on poverty and well-being have been widely studied. However, there is limited knowledge on how a CCT should respond to the dynamics of poverty...

Panel analysis Poverty Measurement (Poverty)
Annual Lecture
WIDER Annual Lecture 22 - The political economy of structural transformation - has democracy failed African economies?

The 2018 WIDER Annual Lecture which will be given by Professor Ernest Aryeetey. He will discuss the political economy of structural transformation in Africa. The lecture looks at how various political regimes and economic policies have shaped the...

14 September 2018
Europaea hall, Marina Congress Centre, Katajanokanlaituri 6A, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
Photo: Dominick Guzzo
UNU-WIDER welcomes new board members

UNU-WIDER is pleased to announce that Professors Ann E. Harrison , Justin Yifu Lin , and Benno Ndulu will join the WIDER Board in January 2019. All three new board members are prominent development economists who have worked closely with UNU-WIDER...

UNU-WIDER congratulates the Helsinki Graduate School of Economics on its inauguration

The Helsinki Graduate School of Economics (GSE) was inaugurated on 24 October at an opening ceremony that took place at the University of Helsinki. The goal of the new school is to strengthen and broaden the field of economic research in Finland. As...

research Think tanks
Working Paper
Earnings polarization, ethnicity, and regional perspective in Indonesia

Recently, quantitative methods have been increasingly used in ethnicity research, which traditionally has relied mainly on qualitative methods...

Ethnicity Earnings inequality Regional characteristics
Research Brief
The decline of the labour share in Mexico, 1990–2015 Labour market Informal sector Wages
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