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In the Director's chair

My first six months as Director of UNU-WIDER have been busy, enlightening, and rewarding. We’ve launched a new work programme, with flagship projects focused on a cohesive research base addressing key SDGs; I’ve also worked on fostering partnerships to cement the Institute’s place as a valuable branch in the UN family tree; and in the midst of all of that I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to several blogs, interviews, and other media opportunities to mobilize...

Data for Development

SA-TIED meeting
As the largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa’s successes and failures spill over into the broader region. Today, as South Africans face high unemployment and a sluggish economy, policymakers are wrestling to create success through solutions that will quell rising public debt, overcome persistent inequality, and stimulate regional economic integration. But a deficit of data that can inform whole–system answers threatens to impede policies that lead to inclusive...

Poverty measurements for policy makers

In order to reduce poverty you must be able to measure it. It sounds so obvious, but in my experience policy makers think that measuring poverty is either a completely ‘objective’ process, like measuring the temperature in the room, or a broadly flexible exercise that can easily be manipulated to obtain the desired outcomes. And even when the same approach to poverty measurement is used, significant differences remain in the actual process of poverty estimation. As an example,...

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How can developing countries pay for the SDGs?

With official development assistance under strain, achieving the Sustainable Development Goals will require developing countries to rely increasingly on their own resources...

SDGs Sustainable Development Goals Millennium Development Goals
In the Director's chair: Reflections on my first six months as Director

My first six months as Director of UNU-WIDER have been busy, enlightening, and rewarding...

SDGs sdg5 sdg8
Research Brief
Deepening regional integration in Southern Africa July 2019

Regional integration is making steady progress in Southern Africa, leading to the development of regional value chains (RVCs) that could strengthen the competitiveness of the region...

Apparel industry Automotive industry Food retailing
Data for Development: Building an Economy of Inclusion in South Africa

As the largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa’s successes and failures spill over into the broader region...

Data revolution Database Inclusive growth
The vital role of aid in development

The UNU-WIDER research programme on foreign aid ( ReCom ) began in 2010, in a period of strong aid scepticism. Dambisa Moyo’s well-known book, Dead Aid (2009), is just one example...

Aid effectiveness Aid policy Conflict management
Poverty measurements for policy makers

In order to reduce poverty you must be able to measure it...

Poverty Measurement (Poverty) Multidimensional poverty measurement
Moving out of identity silos and into intersectionality: The example of gender identity

Women are undoubtedly doing better today than they were even 40-50 years ago. The gender gap has shrunk in many areas, including educational attainment, health, and employment and wages...

Gender Caste Equality
Research Brief
A pre-prototype Social Accounting Matrix for Myanmar: Addressing the lack of data and observing the structure of the economy May 2019

With the recent democratic elections, Myanmar has entered a new development phase. To support this process there is amongst others a need for sound economic policies that have an economy-wide perspective...

Social Accounting Matrix national accounts Supply table
Research Brief
The impact of tax-benefit systems in Africa May 2019

Social protection systems in Africa are still in their infancy...

Tax-benefit microsimulation tax-benefit policy microsimulation
Research Brief
Inequality in rural India: Are non-farm jobs the driver or a brake? May 2019

The increasing proportion of non-agricultural work in rural India has commonly been associated with widening income inequality...

Income inequality non-farm employment Poverty
Research Brief
Global mitigation policies and developing country economies: The case of Malawi, Mozambique, and Zambia May 2019

Much discussion of climate change in the developing world focuses on if, when, and to what extent developing countries should be subject to any global attempts to curb greenhouse gas emissions...

Climate change Climate uncertainty Global mitigation
Research Brief
The missing billionaires: Correcting the data on top incomes in China May 2019

China has experienced fast economic growth over the last forty years. The number of Chinese billionaires has grown exceptionally fast and their wealth has increased enormously...

Top incomes Income inequality Taxation
Measuring inequality in middle-income countries

Income inequality is the result of complex processes with multiple interacting driving forces but understanding those drivers in emerging economies is particularly difficult because of data and analytical challenges...

Global inequality Economic inequality Top incomes
Inequality: Driving forces and policy solutions

The many faces of inequality Measuring inequality isn’t as simple as it may seem. We know that since the 1970s global inequality has been falling in relative terms, but absolute inequality has been increasing over the same period...

Global inequality WIID Income inequality
Narendra Modi’s performance on the Indian economy: Five key policies assessed

When Narendra Modi became India’s prime minister in spring 2014 the Indian economy was in the doldrums...

demonitisation Political economy Elections
India’s General Elections 2019: The potential electoral consequences of demonetisation

In the campaign leading up to the Lok Sabha elections in spring 2014, one of the more important promises that Narendra Modi made was to ‘clean up’ the economy by bringing back to India all the illicit money that was purportedly stashed aw...

demonitisation Political economy Elections
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