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Working Paper pdf
Luo Chuliang, Li Shi, Terry Sicular - UNU-WIDER, 2018 - Helsinki, Finland

By using the five waves of the China Household Income Project surveys conducted during 1988–2013, this paper investigates long-term changes in income inequality and poverty in China. Income inequality rose before 2007 and then fell by a small amount. The main reason for the rise in...

Jean-Philippe Platteau - UNU-WIDER, 2018 - Helsinki, Finland

There are three main channels of women’s empowerment: legal or policy reforms, outside economic opportunities, and collective action. Legal (or policy) reforms are generally based on statutory laws that enact rules to be followed or prohibit certain practices. External economic...

Nancy Qian - Oxford University Press, 2018
This peer-reviewed research is available free of charge. UNU-WIDER believes that research is a global public good and supports Open Access.
Siwan Anderson, Lori Beaman, Jean-Philippe Platteau - Oxford University Press, 2018

This is an open access title available under the terms of a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 IGO licence. It is free to read at Oxford Scholarship Online and offered as a free PDF download from OUP and selected open access locations. As a result of widespread mistreatment and overt...

Working Paper pdf
Justin Yifu Lin - UNU-WIDER, 2018 - Helsinki, Finland

Myrdal did not cover China in his Asian Drama. If he did, he would have been most likely pessimistic about China, as he was about other Asian countries in his book. However, China has achieved miraculous growth since the transition from a planned economy to a market economy at the end of 1978...

Working Paper pdf
Marta Bengoa, Christopher Rick - UNU-WIDER, 2018 - Helsinki, Finland

Access to social services in China is connected to a system of household registration (Hukou system) determined by place of origin with difficult geographical transferability. As a consequence, a vast majority of rural-to-urban migrants do not have access to public health services in urban...

Working Paper pdf
– The intergenerational impact of China’s New Rural Pension Scheme
Jing You, Miguel Niño-Zarazúa - UNU-WIDER, 2017 - Helsinki, Finland

We examine the heterogeneous and dynamic impact of China’s New Rural Pension Scheme on intergenerational wealth dependence using a nationally representative longitudinal household survey covering the period 2011–13. We adopt an instrumental quantile regression–discontinuity...

Working Paper pdf
Nancy Qian - UNU-WIDER, 2017 - Helsinki, Finland

I first document that the introduction of the One Child Policy dramatically increased sex selection in certain regions, and that the Chinese government responded to this by allowing parents who had a daughter as their first child to try for a second child. Next, I show that the increase in...

Journal Article This peer-reviewed research is available free of charge. UNU-WIDER believes that research is a global public good and supports Open Access.
– a potential indicator of health-care quality in China
Zhan Wang, Niying Li, Mengsi Jiang, Keith Dear, Chee-Ruey Hsieh - Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 2017 - Geneva, Switzerland

Part of Journal Special Issue Measuring quality of care

Working Paper pdf
– A potential indicator of healthcare quality in China
Zhan Wang, Niying Li, Mengsi Jiang, Keith Dear, Chee-Ruey Hsieh - UNU-WIDER, 2017 - Helsinki, Finland

Objective: To assess the characteristics and incidence of medical litigation in China and the potential usefulness of the records of such litigation as an indicator of healthcare quality. Methods: We investigated 13,620 cases of medical malpractice litigation that ended between 2010 and 2015...

Working Paper pdf
– Evidence from the Vietnamese manufacturing sector
Duc Anh Dang - UNU-WIDER, 2017 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper evaluates the impact of Chinese import penetration on the innovation of Vietnamese manufacturing firms from 2011 to 2015, exploiting variations in import exposure by industry specialization and instrumenting for Chinese import penetration using Chinese global exports. Contrary to...

Working Paper pdf
– Did China’s WTO accession affect African local economic development?
Tony Addison, Amadou Boly, Anthony Mveyange - UNU-WIDER, 2016 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper investigates China’s influence on local economic development in 37 African countries between 1997 and 2007. We compare the average changes in economic growth, migration, spatial inequality, and welfare of mineral-rich districts, both prior and after China’s WTO Accession,...

Working Paper pdf
– Evidence from ethnic minorities in China
Yishen Liu, Yao Pan - UNU-WIDER, 2016 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper investigates the net impact of birth control policy in China on educational attainment of the partially excluded ethnic minorities. Exploring county-level variation in the value of fines levied for unsanctioned births, we show that more stringent enforcement of the birth control policy...

Working Paper pdf
– Challenges and opportunities for the Mekong region
Kim Hang Pham Do, Ariel Dinar - UNU-WIDER, 2016 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper aims to contribute to understanding the existing knowledge gaps in the linkages of energy, water, and land use in Southeast Asia and explores the political economy of energy transition in the Mekong region (MR). Investigating the struggle over hydropower development and decision-making...

Working Paper pdf
– Does China break the mould?
Michael R. Davidson, Fredrich Kahrl, Valerie J. Karplus - UNU-WIDER, 2016 - Helsinki, Finland

We propose a general taxonomy of the political economy challenges to wind power development and integration, highlighting the implications in terms of actors, interests, and risks. Applying this framework to three functions in China’s electricity sector—planning and project approval,...

Working Paper pdf
– A comparative political economy analysis
Karoliina Isoaho, Alexandra Goritz, Nicolai Schulz - UNU-WIDER, 2016 - Helsinki, Finland

China and India will have to radically transform their electric power systems in order to decouple economic growth from unsustainable resource consumption. While the majority of transition literature has focused on the diverse socio-technical factors that could enable such a transformation, more...

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