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Journal Article
Estimating the level and distribution of global wealth, 2000–2014

Part of Journal Special Issue Inequality

Wealth Assets Debts
Working Paper
Smoothing or strengthening the ‘Great Gatsby curve’?: The intergenerational impact of China’s New Rural Pension Scheme

We examine the heterogeneous and dynamic impact of China’s New Rural Pension Scheme on intergenerational wealth dependence using a nationally representative longitudinal household survey covering the period 2011–13...

China Intergenerational Mobility Pension
Working Paper
The copper sector, fiscal rules, and stabilization funds in Chile: Scope and limits

Historically, Chile has been an economy dominated by mineral and agro-industrial products and subject to frequent external shocks particularly in copper prices...

Fiscal policy Natural resources Wealth
Working Paper
Horizontal inequality in education and wealth in Tanzania: A 20-year perspective

This study uses five series of demographic and health surveys to answer the question: ‘Is horizontal inequality in education and wealth increasing or decreasing in the 20-year interval between 1991 and 2010?’...

Education Equality and inequality Wealth
Extreme poverty - the poorest are being left behind

At our 30 th Anniversary Conference we took the chance to interview Martin Ravallion of Georgetown University—we asked him to discuss his recent work on extreme poverty, and to highlight what he believes the major challenges in this area will b...

Consumption (Economics) Equality and inequality Land tenure
Invited 2

Conference on Inequality—Measurement, trends, impacts, and policies - Parallel 2.1

Inequality Wealth Income
Research Brief
Measures of inequality: How much are we willing to allow top earners to squeeze the poor?

The majority of income inequality occurs at the tails of the income distribution The Gini coefficient does not provide a representative measure of income inequality When the top 10% of income earners expand their share of national income it often app...

Economic development Economic growth Equality and inequality
Researching Inequality – An Interview with James B. Davies

​James B. Davies, Professor of Economics at the University of Western Ontario, played a key role in UNU-WIDER’s pioneering research into global personal and household wealth...

Equality and inequality Households Wealth
From the Editor's Desk (March 2015)

I’m writing this editorial from Dar es Salaam, while at the 20 th anniversary workshop for Tanzania’s REPOA , one of our research partners...

Capitalism Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic policy
Extractives for development (E4D)

Theme: Transformation

Wealth Natural resources Management
Researching and Reporting on Global Wealth – Two Interviews with Anthony Shorrocks

30 October 2014 by Roger Williamson In this interview Professor Anthony Shorrocks describes the methodology to research global household wealth, developed by him and colleagues when he was Director of UNU-WIDER...

Economic growth Equality and inequality Methodology (Quantitative research)
Journal Article
Intergenerational Mobility and Interpersonal Inequality in an African Economy

Part of Journal Special Issue Land and Property Rights

Consumption (Economics) Equality and inequality Land tenure
Global Inequality – What’s Going On?

26 September 2014 Roger Williamson Huge interest in the WIDER Inequality Conference (5-6 September) Inequality is big news...

Economic development projects Education Equality and inequality
Book Chapter
Recent Distributive Changes in Latin America: An Overview

From the book: Falling Inequality in Latin America

Equality and inequality Government accountability Income distribution
Sharing for Prosperity

17 April 2013 Minister Heikki Eidsvoll Holmås Economic growth in itself will not end poverty...

Children Democracy Economic growth
From the Editor's Desk (February 2013)

Tony Addison As the snow continues to lie deep across Helsinki, UNU-WIDER is putting the last touches to the ReCom results meeting on ‘aid and the social sectors’, which takes place at Sida in Stockholm on 13 March...

Economic aspects (Industrialization) Econometric models (Economic development) Children
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