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Journal Article
Identity Documents, Welfare Enhancement, and Group Empowerment in the Global South

Part of Journal Special Issue Legal Empowerment and Group-Based Inequality

Identity Legal empowerment Welfare
Working Paper
Government intervention need for social security improvement in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: A theoretical analysis using the principal–agent model

African populations need better support through social protection mechanisms...

Social security Pensions Contracts
Working Paper
Formalizing safety nets and the requirements to obtain them: An increased role for identity documents in the Global South

Having a birth certificate is a stepping stone to acquiring an array of rights and benefits, including other documents necessary to navigate in and outside of one’s home country...

Pensions Transfer payments
Standards, Codes and Pension Flows

by Helmut Reisen ​The case for mutual benefits arising from the global diversification of portfolios holds well for funded retirement savings...

Accounting Financial institutions Institutional economics
Finance and the Real Economy: Issues and Case Studies in Developing Countries

The present volume contains six papers on financial-policy issues and country experiences, presented at a joint ECLAC/UNU-WIDER/UNCTAD seminar held at ECLAC headquarters in Santiago, Chile, on 5-6 October 1992...

Banking Finance Pensions
Book Chapter
Pension System Reforms and Savings in Latin America and Caribbean Countries with Special Reference to Chile

From the book: Finance and the Real Economy

Banking Finance Pensions
Social Security in Developing Countries

The term "social security" has a very different meaning in underdeveloped countries -- whose populations live in great insecurity -- and is best understood as poverty alleviation...

Pensions Public welfare Social security
Book Chapter
Public Action for Social Security: Foundations and Strategy

From the book: Social Security in Developing Countries

Pensions Public welfare Social security
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