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UNU-WIDER hosts special session at the AERC biannual research workshop on ‘The job ladder’

As part of the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) biannual research workshop in Nairobi, Kenya, UNU-WIDER coordinates a special session on the forthcoming book The job ladder: Transforming informal work and livelihoods in developing...

30 November 2022
Trademark Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya
Past event
In memory of Ela Ramesh Bhatt — The gentle revolutionary

Ela Ramesh Bhatt, the founder of the Self-Employed Women’s Association ( SEWA ) of India, passed away on 2 November 2022...

Informality Labour unions Labour movement
Working Paper
Domestic revenue mobilization and informality: Challenges and opportunities for sub-Saharan Africa

Effective domestic revenue mobilization has gained renewed urgency, especially in the light of the need to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic...

Domestic revenue mobilization Shadow economy Tax revenue
Digital platforms and job search: Experimental evidence from Mozambique

Digital technologies can be deployed to improve job search, but their effectiveness in practice is disrupted...

Informality Job search Unemployment
Journal Article
Precarization or protection?: The role of trade and labour policies on informality

Part of Journal Special Issue What sustains informality

Brazil Informality Trade
Journal Article
Informality and firm performance in Myanmar

Part of Journal Special Issue What sustains informality

Firms Informality Myanmar
Journal Article
Choices and constraints: The nature of informal employment in urban Mexico

Part of Journal Special Issue What sustains informality

Informal work Labour market Labour market segmentation
Journal Article
Job quality and labour market transitions: Evidence from Mexican informal and formal workers

Part of Journal Special Issue What sustains informality

Informal work job quality Labour market dynamics
Journal Article
What sustains informality?

Part of Journal Special Issue What sustains informality

Informal work Labour market Informality
Journal Article
Ethnic diversity and informal work in Ghana

Part of Journal Special Issue What sustains informality

Ethnic diversity Informal work Informality
Journal Special Issue
What sustains informality

The special issue contributes significantly to critical issues related to the nature of informal employment and its determinants, how informal firms can grow their business and productivity, and the effects of labour market regulations and social ins...

Informal work Informality Labour market
Can access to finance spur entrepreneurship in Indian informal sector?

Credit constraints, a consequence of the widespread failure of credit markets in developing countries, are widely regarded as a key constraint to entrepreneurship...

India Informality Entrepreneurship
Working Paper
Female labour supply and informal employment in Ecuador

Low- and middle-income countries face a trade-off between raising tax revenue to strengthen social protection and creating incentives for the population to enter formal employment...

Labour supply Informal work Tax-benefit policy
The COVID-19 crisis, informal workers, and gender — understanding the intersections

The COVID-19 crisis — the pandemic, restrictions, and recession — has not been a grand leveler...

Equality and inequality COVID-19 Gender
Journal Article
Informal work in sub-Saharan Africa: Dead end or stepping-stone?

Despite rapid economic growth in recent decades, informality remains a persistent phenomenon in the labor markets of many low- and middle-income countries...

Informality Labour market dynamics Sub-Saharan Africa
Book Chapter
Informalities, volatility, and precarious social mobility in urban slums

From the book: Social mobility in developing countries

Informality Slums Social mobility
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