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Econometric models (Finance)
Research Brief
How Aid Supplies from Donor Countries Respond to Economic Crisis

The strong interdependent relationship between the developed and developing countries made itself visible again with the recent economic downturn...

Econometric models (Finance) Budget Economic assistance and foreign aid
Working Paper
How Aid Supply Responds to Economic Crises: A Panel VAR Approach

The strong interdependence between the developed and developing worlds surfaced with the recent economic downturn. Due to the global character of the economy, the downturn affected not only the North but also the South...

Budget Economic assistance and foreign aid Econometric models (Finance)
Working Paper
Sensitivity of Loan Size to Lending Rates: Evidence from Ghana’s Microfinance Sector

This paper examines the combined effect of interest rates and poverty levels of microfinance clients on loan size. Cross section data on 2,691 clients and non-clients households from Ghana is used to test the hypothesis of loan price inelasticity...

Econometric models (Finance) Interest rate Microfinance
Working Paper
Savings and Financial Sector Development: Panel Cointegration Evidence from Africa

The paper uses different measures of financial sector development for a dynamic heterogeneous panel of 17 African countries to examine the impact of financial sector development on private savings...

Econometric models (Finance) Panel analysis Saving and investment
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