WIDER Seminar Series materials

Below you will find presentation slides, along with audio and video recordings from past events. 
About the WIDER Seminar Series

The WIDER Seminar Series showcases recent and ongoing work on key topics in development economics. The weekly sessions held in Helsinki are open to local and visiting researchers, policy makers, and others interested in development topics. Click here to learn more.

Costanza Biavaschi | WIDER Seminar Series | 6 February

05 February
Sushanta Mallick | Queen Mary University of London | Audio | Presentation

Is financial inclusion benefcial for banks?

23 January
22 January
11 December
Mariapia Mendola | University of Milano Bicocca | Presentation

Agricultural transformation and farmers' expectations

04 December
Fantu Cheru & Christopher Cramer | American University & SOAS | Presentation

The Oxford Handbook of the Ethiopian economy

13 November
10 October
Inmaculada Martinez-Zarzoso | University of Göttingen | Presentation

Gender gap and firm performance in developing countries

28 August
Olivier Bargain | University of Bordeaux AudioPresentations 

Intra-household allocation and individual poverty

26 June
Sanjay Reddy | Independent High-level Team of Advisers to ECOSOC​ | Audio

The UN’s Development Function: Time for Renewal

4 June
Patricia Funjika | UNU-WIDER PhD FellowAudio | Presentation

Colonial Origin, Ethnicity and Intergenerational Mobility in Africa

Shreshti Rawat | UNU-WIDER PhD Fellow | AudioPresentation

Inequality of opportunity: informal sector estimates for India and policy implications

15 May
Ebaidalla Mahjoub Ebaidalla| University of Khartoum | Audio |  Presentation

Understanding inequality of opportunity in child health in Sudan

10 May
Ritwik Banerjee | Indian Institute of Management Bangalore | Audio | Presentation

The link between corruption and tax evasion - an experimental investigation

27 March
Sandra Halvorsen | PhD candidate at the Norwegian School of Economics | Audio |  Presentation

Factory employment and fertility decisions: Field experimental evidence from Ethiopia

22 March
James Robinson | Harris School for Public Policy | Audio | Presentation

An interpretation of African development

20 March
13 March
Michael Woolcock | World Bank | Presentation
Lant Pritchett | Harvard University | Presentation

Building state capability: evidence, analysis, action

6 February
Costanza Biavaschi | Norwegian University of Science and Technology | Audio | Presentation

Taking the skill bias out of global migration


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