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Book Chapter
– The Impact of EU Accession on Asylum and Immigration Policies in Central and Eastern Europe
Catherine Phuong - , 2005
Policy Brief pdf
Christina Boswell, Jeff Crisp - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

This WIDER Policy Brief examins issues such as liberalizing migration policies; protecting refugees in regions of origin; addressing the root causes of migration and refugee flows; influencing perceptions of the costs and benefits of migration; and developing international migration management....

Working Paper pdf
– Lessons for Policy
George J. Borjas - UNU-WIDER, 2003 - Helsinki, Finland

The most important economic feature of immigration to the United States in the post-1965 period has been a significant deterioration in the economic performance of successive immigrant waves. The policy reaction to this trend would obviously differ if the entry wage disadvantage disappeared quickly...

Working Paper pdf
Raimo Väyrynen - UNU-WIDER, 2003 - Helsinki, Finland

It is important to make a careful distinction between illegal immigration, human smuggling, and human trafficking which are nested, but yet different concepts. This distinction is relevant because these different categories of the illegal movement of people across borders have quite different legal...

Working Paper pdf
– Past Trends, Future Possibilities
Matthew J. Gibney, Randall Hansen - UNU-WIDER, 2003 - Helsinki, Finland

This article examines the policy responses of Western countries in the realm of asylum. We begin by explaining the reasons why the asylum issue has made its way up the political agendas of liberal democratic countries in recent years. While applications for asylum have risen in the last two decades...

Working Paper pdf
Riccardo Faini - UNU-WIDER, 2003 - Helsinki, Finland

Increasingly, immigration policies tend to favour the entry of skilled workers, raising substantial concerns among sending countries. The ‘revisionist’ approach to the analysis of the brain drain holds that such concerns are largely unwarranted. First, sustained migratory flows may be...

Working Paper pdf
Catherine Phuong - UNU-WIDER, 2003 - Helsinki, Finland

We examine the ways in which candidate countries which are to join the EU in 2004 are responding to increasing asylum migration from the East and assess the impact of accession on their asylum and immigration laws and policies. It will be argued that recent changes in asylum and immigration laws in...

Working Paper pdf
Elizabeth M. Thomas-Hope - UNU-WIDER, 2003 - Helsinki, Finland

Irregular migration is increasing in the Caribbean while the opportunities for applying for asylum hardly exist. The policy regarding most Caribbean irregular migrants is based on the view of the potential destinations, namely that the migrants are economic rather than political refugees. Whatever...

Working Paper pdf
– Estimating the Potential Gains from Increased International Migration
Jonathon W. Moses, Bjørn Letnes - UNU-WIDER, 2003 - Helsinki, Finland

In this paper we elaborate on the findings produced by an applied equilibrium model that is used to calculate the annual efficiency gains from free international migration. These findings suggest that we can expect significant gains from liberalizing international labour flows. In particular, we...

Working Paper pdf
– Poverty among Immigrants in Denmark and Sweden since 1984
Kraen Blume, Björn Gustafsson, Peder J. Pedersen, Mette Verner - UNU-WIDER, 2003 - Helsinki, Finland

The paper focuses on the problems of low income among immigrants, analysed by using comparable panel datasets for two Scandinavian welfare states. After a brief survey of a few earlier studies on immigrant poverty, we present Denmark and Sweden as interesting cases for comparative research....

Working Paper pdf
– The Mexico-US Case
Philip Martin - UNU-WIDER, 2003 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper explains the evolution and effects of Mexico-US migration, and highlights the NAFTA approach to economic integration, viz., free up trade and investment while stepping up efforts to prevent unauthorized migration. The European Union approach is different: provide aid first, and later...

Working Paper pdf
– Conditions, Religious Networks, and the Smuggling Process
Géraldine Chatelard - UNU-WIDER, 2003 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper describes and analyses the case of Iraqis who, in the 1990s, have arrived in Jordan as forced migrants, and have continued to Western Europe or Australia as asylum migrants. The argument put forth is that trends of asylum migration cannot be fully understood without looking at a set of...

Working Paper pdf
– 1990-2001
Stephen Castles, Sean Loughna - UNU-WIDER, 2003 - Helsinki, Finland

The purpose of this paper is to outline trends and patterns in movements of asylum-seekers to Western so-called industrialized countries from 1990-2001. The paper begins by characterizing three distinct phases of asylum migration since the end of the Second World War. It then provides background...

Working Paper pdf
– Argentina in the Twentieth Century
Andrés Solimano - UNU-WIDER, 2003 - Helsinki, Finland

At the turn of the twentieth century, a large number of Europeans, mostly from Italy and Spain, left their homelands and headed to the distant shores of Argentina in response to the good economic opportunities, fertile land and hopes for a better future that were to be found there. At the time,...

Working Paper pdf
– An Analysis using a Multiregional CGE Model
Ana María Iregui - UNU-WIDER, 2003 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper computes the worldwide efficiency gains from the elimination of global restrictions on labour mobility using a multiregional CGE model. A distinctive feature of our analysis is the introduction of a segmented labour market, as two types of labour are considered: skilled and unskilled....

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