SA-TIED celebrates South Africa's Youth Month

Young people are at the forefront of efforts to bring about change in society. They are passionate about and committed to actions which will improve their livelihoods and those of future generations in Africa.

For any action to be effective and sustainable it must be backed by evidence-based research and effective policies.

That’s why the SA-TIED programme is playing its part in supporting young scholars to ensure their economic research is top-of-the-class, and that they’re exposed to leading policy makers.

The Young Scholars programme supports the research careers of promising current and future Master’s-level university students based in South Africa. Young scholars work with top academics and policy officials in their field to develop and complete an original research project.

During June South Africa commemorated #YouthDay2020 and #YouthMonth. The SA-TIED programme took the opportunity to shine the spotlight on these young scholars, and to find out what the programme means to them.

The Young Scholars’ work will become a part of the SA-TIED programme’s body of research on important, policy-relevant topics in inclusive economic development. Their work will be published as a SA-TIED Young Scholars Working Paper, making an important contribution to their growing portfolio. The areas of research are diverse and interesting.

SA-TIED provides an ongoing dialogue with other students, academics, and government officials in South Africa, and will provide exposure to the breadth and depth of public sector research and analytical work which is ongoing within government.

Watch the interviews with the Young Scholars to find out more about their research and their experience in the programme.