Training in Advanced Poverty Analysis

Two researchers of the Inclusive Growth in Mozambique programme, Eva-Maria Egger, UNU-WIDER Research Fellow, and Vincenzo Salvucci, Researcher at the University of Copenhagen, deliver a training on advanced poverty analysis on 26-30 April. To be held at the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Maputo this one-week training will give continuation to the recent training in poverty analysis using STATA held in March at the University of Eduardo Mondlane which included an introduction to STATA.

Gathering analysts and researchers from the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Mozambique and the University of Eduardo Mondlane, the training in advanced poverty analysis will discuss topics ranging from the cost of basic needs approach in calculating consumption poverty, the definition of poverty lines based on food and non-food consumption and the adjustment of prices to spatial and temporal variation and adjusting for general entropy.

In addition to theory, the course included practical exercises applying the methods covered to the 2014/15 Household Survey database using the software STATA.