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Policy Brief
Regional integration and Tanzania’s export performance East African Community Customs union Single Customs Territory
Policy Brief
Firm performance, trade linkages, and the growth of SMEs in Tanzania SMEs Tanzania Growth and employment
Working Paper
Precarization or protection? The impact of trade and labour policies on informality

Several episodes of market-oriented reforms in developing countries have been accompanied by a significant rise in work outside of the formal economy...

Brazil Informality Trade
Working Paper
Transparency in extractive industry commodities trading

The paper reviews the debate about transparency in extractive industry commodities trade. It examines the obstacles to improved transparency...

Transparency Commodity trading Extractive industries
Working Paper
Economic complexity and structural transformation: the case of Mozambique

Mozambique is among the world’s least complex economies. By systematically accounting for both supply- and demand-side factors, we identify new products and sectors that can help to diversify and upgrade its economy...

Economic complexity Trade Exports
Working Paper
Impact of a Single Customs Territory in the East African Community on Tanzania’s exports

The implementation of a Single Customs Territory by East African Community countries is intended to ease the movement of goods across borders by cutting costs and time through harmonization and simplification of customs documents, removal of burdenso...

Single Customs Territory Trade costs East African Community
Working Paper
Investigating the fiscal resource curse: What’s China got to do with it?

The term fiscal resource curse refers to countries’ inability to raise taxes from a broad base in the presence of natural resources...

China Infrastructure Natural resources
Working Paper
Are routine jobs moving south?: Evidence from changes in the occupational structure of employment in the USA and Mexico

The decline of employment in middle-wage, routine task intensive jobs has been well documented for the USA. Increased offshoring towards lower-income countries such as Mexico has been proposed as a potential driver of this decline...

Employment Employment structure Routine employment
Working Paper
Is export-led growth a mirage?: The case of Kenya

The role of exports in promoting economic growth has been widely acknowledged. This paper analyses the link between exporting and growth performance in Kenya using time series data...

Trade Export-led growth Import
Working Paper
Evaluating foreign direct investment in Mozambique’s natural gas industry: An economy-wide perspective

The recent discovery of large fields of natural gas in Mozambique has led to great international interest and expectations of future gains...

Social Accounting Matrix Trade Computable general equilibrium
Working Paper
Agricultural development, trade, and income distribution: A 2015 social accounting matrix multiplier decomposition approach for Mozambique

This paper considers the impact of agriculture and international trade development on income distribution and economic activity in Mozambique...

Agriculture Income distribution Multiplier effects
Working Paper
Exploring the potential for growth and trade in fruit and oilseed-to-edible oils value chains following political shifts in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s persistent economic challenges since the early 1990s have been largely attributed to unpopular political decisions at the expense of building productive capacity in different sectors of the economy...

Agriculture Edible oils Oilseeds
Book Chapter
Southeast Asia

From the book: Asian Transformations

Agricultural productivity Investments Industrial policy
Book Chapter
Agro-processing and horticultural exports from Africa

From the book: Industries without Smokestacks

Africa Agro-processing Trade
Working Paper
Six development paths in Southeast Asia: Three plus three

Six Southeast Asian countries (Cambodia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Thailand) defied Gunnar Myrdal’s pessimistic prognosis in his 1968 volume, Asian Drama, regarding their prospects for devel...

Agricultural productivity Foreign investments Industrial policy
Working Paper
Diaspora externalities: A view from the South

Migration decisions affect those left-behind in ways that are partly taken into account by market forces (e.g., wage effects on labour markets) and for the most part these can be seen as pure externalities...

Diaspora networks International migration Development
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