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South Africa
Brian Levy and Alan Hirsch on the challenge of economic inclusion in South Africa
2 November 2021
Online, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
Working Paper
Tariffs, productivity, and resource misallocation

An often-neglected potential negative consequence of tariffs is the impact they may have on the misallocation of factor inputs...

Tariffs Productivity Misallocation
Working Paper
Simulation of options to replace the special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress grant and close the poverty gap at the food poverty line

We use a fiscal incidence model based on the South African 2014/15 Living Conditions Survey to simulate the poverty reduction impacts of a selection of medium-to-long-term social grant options with the goal of replacing the existing special COVID-19 ...

Fiscal incidence Social protection Social spending
Working Paper
The macroeconomic effect of fiscal policy in South Africa: A narrative analysis

This paper analyses the macroeconomic effect of legislated personal income tax changes in South Africa over the 1996–2019 period...

Personal income tax Structural VAR Instrumental variable
Technical Note
Exploring the quality of income data in two South African household surveys which underpin SAMOD

This note has set out several data processes that have been undertaken using the income data in dataset(s) that underpin SAMOD...

Tax-benefit microsimulation Income distribution South Africa
Stunted growth, orphans, and access to sanitation services in South Africa

Stunted growth in early life has serious implications for cognitive development and is a well-established constraint to individual productivity and life expectancy...

Child wellbeing Child nutrition South Africa
Policy seminar
SA-TIED policy dialogue – Macroeconomics and inequality in South Africa
29 June 2021
Online, South Africa
Past event
Working Paper
Simulating personal income tax in South Africa using administrative data and survey data: A comparison of PITMOD and SAMOD for tax year 2018

In this paper we explore South Africa’s personal income tax system using two microsimulation models...

Microsimulation Personal income tax Income distribution
Working Paper
Estimating employment responses to South Africa’s Employment Tax Incentive

We present new evidence on the effects of South Africa’s Employment Tax Incentive (ETI), a hiring and employment wage subsidy aimed at reducing youth unemployment...

Difference-in-differences Employment event study
Background Note
Building tax data for research: The South African experience

Introduction: data for development Globally, one of the key factors associated with increasing use of data to inform policy-making has been the increased availability of new administrative data sources...

Tax data Administrative data South Africa
Policy seminar
SA-TIED Dialogues - Research into Policy SA-TIED policy dialogue — International trade and global value chains
28 May 2021
Online, Pretoria, South Africa
Past event
SA-TIED seminar on pension-related tax expenditures

On 03 May the SA-TIED programme will host an online seminar on pension-related tax expenditures. The presentation will be given by Agustin Redonda and Chris Axelson under the SA-TIED project work stream on Public revenue for inclusive development ...

3 May 2021
Online, Pretoria, South Africa
Past event
Working Paper
Measuring earnings inequality in South Africa using household survey and administrative tax microdata

Overall income inequality in South Africa is very high, and inequality generated in the labour market is a key driver of inequality...

Inequality Earnings Tax data
Working Paper
State-dependent fiscal multipliers and financial dynamics: An impulse response analysis by local projections for South Africa

The aim of this paper is to assess South Africa’s fiscal multiplier across different states of the economy, with a focus on the financial accelerator mechanism of fiscal policy shocks, by estimating impulse response functions from both linear a...

Fiscal multipliers impulse response State-dependent
SOUTHMOD presented at an SA-TIED Policy dialogue event

UNU-WIDER's SA-TIED programme organized an online policy dialogue event on 19 April. The topic of the event was ' Tax and benefit responses to COVID-19 in South Africa '. The event introduced research results of studies using the...

19 April 2021
Online, South Africa
Past event
COVID-19 lays bare Cape Town’s social divide, deepens underlying inequalities

The COVID-19 pandemic delivered a devastating economic shock to livelihoods across the world. In Cape Town, it has been toughest on those who had just found a way to keep their heads above water, living on the fringes of urban society...

South Africa Urban COVID-19
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