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Working Paper
Does the adoption of peer-to-government mobile payments improve tax revenue mobilization in developing countries?

Developing countries need to raise sufficient tax revenue to finance development. Revenue mobilization is often hampered by limited tax compliance, weak institutions, and technical problems with tax collection...

Mobile money Tax revenue Propensity score matching
Working Paper
Female managers and firm performance: Evidence from the Caribbean countries

This paper investigates whether firm performance differs significantly when comparing firms with female and male top managers in the Caribbean region. We use survey data with detailed information on gender for firms in 13 Caribbean countries...

The Caribbean Firm performance Gender gap
Working Paper
Agricultural input subsidy and farmers outcomes in Tanzania

This paper examines the impact of the government input subsidy—the National Agriculture Input Voucher—on farmers’ production and welfare in Tanzania as well as the factors that influence agricultural production in the country...

Difference-in-differences Subsidies Production
Journal Article
Contract Farming in Mozambique: Implications for Gender Inequalities Within and Across Rural Households

Part of Journal Special Issue Inequalities in the least developed countries

Contract farming Gender inequality Mozambique
Working Paper
An analysis of school dropout in Mozambique, 2014–15

The level of educational attainment in Mozambique is one of the lowest in the world and primary school completion rate is also very low, not reaching 40 per cent...

Mozambique Panel regression Propensity score matching
Working Paper
Contract farming in Mozambique: Implications on gender inequalities within and across rural households

This paper analyses the implication of contract farming on gender inequalities in rural Mozambique...

Contract farming Gender inequality Mozambique
Working Paper
Contracts between smallholders and private firms in Mozambique and their implications on food security

The focus of this paper is the role played in rural contexts by contract farming agreements between smallholders and private investors...

Contract farming Food security Mozambique
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