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Poverty reduction
Working Paper
Rural financial intermediation and poverty reduction in Ghana: A micro-level analysis

The financial sector in rural areas, where most of the poor people in sub-Saharan Africa are found, has transformed massively in recent times, notably through the increased penetration of several types of rural financial intermediaries in addition to...

rural financial intermediation Poverty reduction Welfare
Book Chapter
Building a conservative welfare state in Botswana

From the book: The Politics of Social Protection in Eastern and Southern Africa

Social protection Drought Relief Conservatism
Book Chapter
Southeast Asia

From the book: Asian Transformations

Agricultural productivity Investments Foreign
Research Brief
Financing the social cash transfer scale-up in Zambia: A tax-benefit microsimulation Economic inequality Poverty Social cash transfers
Working Paper
Financing the Zambia social cash transfer scale-up: A tax benefit microsimulation analysis based on MicroZAMOD

This paper assesses the effects on poverty and inequality of the alternative targeting approaches that Zambia’s Social Cash Transfer programme could take as its expansion continues during the period of the country’s Seventh National Devel...

Economic inequality Poverty Social cash transfers
Development programmes, security, and violence reduction: Evidence from an insurgency in India

Implementing development programmes in conflict-affected areas is crucial for conflict as well as poverty reduction. The big question is how do you carry out these programmes successfully?...

Conflict management Development Poverty reduction
Working Paper
The welfare impact of Vietnam’s national target programme ‘building a new countryside’: A quasi-experimental evaluation

We evaluate the impact on household income of Vietnam’s national target programme to build a new countryside for the period from 2010 to 2015. The purpose of the programme is to modernize rural Vietnam...

Poverty reduction Impact evaluation Household income
Working Paper
Six development paths in Southeast Asia: Three plus three

Six Southeast Asian countries (Cambodia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Thailand) defied Gunnar Myrdal’s pessimistic prognosis in his 1968 volume, Asian Drama, regarding their prospects for devel...

Agricultural productivity Investments, Foreign Industrial policy
Working Paper
Building a conservative welfare state in Botswana

Botswana’s welfare state is both a parsimonious laggard in comparison with some other middle-income countries in Africa (such as Mauritius and South Africa) and extensive (in comparison with its low-income neighbours to the north and east)...

Social protection Drought Relief Conservatism
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