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Pollution (Air)
Research Brief
Greenhouse Gas Emissions and China’s Agriculture Sector

China is the world’s largest developing country and its huge population requires a similarly large agricultural sector to sustain it...

Pollution (Air) Agricultural innovations Agriculture
From the Editor’s Desk (September 2012)

Tony Addison Mid-September finds UNU-WIDER very busy preparing for our big conference on climate change and development policy that takes place later this month, as well as our WIDER Annual Lecture by Lant Pritchett of Harvard University (you can als...

Pollution (Air) Agricultural innovations Agriculture
Working Paper
The Decarbonization of China's Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the major greenhouse gas (GHG) emission sources in China. This paper aims to identify the key factors that have led to rising GHG emissions in China’s agricultural sector in recent decades...

Agricultural innovations Agriculture Pollution (Air)
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