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Political science
Working Paper
The politics of promoting social cash transfers in Uganda

In 2015 the Government of Uganda agreed to start rolling out a social pension programme, and increasing its own contribution to it...

Political science Social conditions Transfer payments
Working Paper
Understanding elite commitment to social protection: Rwanda’s Vision 2020 Umurenge Programme

This paper examines the political economy of Rwanda’s Vision 2020 Umurenge Programme, concluding that strong government commitment to the programme has been shaped by the specific characteristics of the political settlement that was established...

Economic policy Political science Social conditions
Working Paper
Mandated political representation and crimes against the low castes

Mandated political representation over the last twenty years has had a different impact on the reporting of crime by the low castes than what is observed for the reporting of crime by women...

Caste Crime Equality and inequality
Working Paper
The political economy of energy transitions and thermal energy poverty: Comparing the residential LPG sectors in Indonesia and South Africa

Indonesia and South Africa are both trying address energy poverty through subsidized energy provision...

Gas utilities Political science Poverty
Working Paper
Institutional differences across resource-based economies

To predict economic success and failure, academics and policymakers alike are interested in the differences in institutional structures across natural resource-based economies...

Economic growth Economics Political science
Working Paper
Governing clean energy transitions in China and India: A comparative political economy analysis

China and India will have to radically transform their electric power systems in order to decouple economic growth from unsustainable resource consumption...

Economic growth Environmental policy Political science
Working Paper
Border adjustment mechanisms: Elements for economic, legal, and political analysis

This paper examines, from a multidisciplinary perspective, plausible hypotheses for implementation of border carbon adjustment mechanisms, seen as a complement to strong environmental regulation...

Environmental justice International trade Political science
Working Paper
The political economy of energy innovation

This paper empirically investigates the effects of environmental policy, institutions, political orientation, and lobbying on energy innovation and finds that they significantly affect the incentives to innovate and create cleaner energy efficient te...

Environmental policy Political science Renewable energy sources
Working Paper
Political economy of Nigerian power sector reform

The Nigerian power sector reform is necessitated by the chronic poor performance of the sector and has as its compass the 2005 Electric Power Sector Reform Act and the Roadmap for Power Sector Reform 2010...

Political science Power (Economics) Privatization
Working Paper
Smoothing food price trends in Nigeria: Political economy issues and policy vistas

This study reviews the political economy issues surrounding the 2008 food crisis in Nigeria; the lessons learned from management of the crisis; analyses the performance of policies aimed at stabilizing prices; and proffers policy measures for prevent...

Economic policy Food industry and trade Political science
Book Chapter
Protesting for a Better Tomorrow?: Youth Mobilization in Africa

Democracy Political science Social movement
The politics of group-based inequalities - measurement, implications, and possibilities for change

Theme: Inclusion

Inclusion Inequality Horizontal inequality
Working Paper
South Africa’s Emerging Black Middle Class: A Harbinger of Political Change?

South Africa has seen a significant increase in the size of the black middle class in the post-apartheid period, but the attitudinal consequences of indicators of the middle class, as of 2011, are inconsistent and modest in size...

Democracy Household survey Income
Journal Article
Are Land Reforms Granting Complete Property Rights Politically Risky?: Electoral Outcomes of Mexico's Certification Program

Part of Journal Special Issue Land and Property Rights

Land tenure Political science Voting
Working Paper
Varieties of Capitalists?: The Middle Class, Private Sector and Economic Outcomes in Africa

Political scientists have generally seen two key features of African political economies—a relatively small or absent middle class, and a middle class that is unusually embedded in the state—as key explanations of the troubled political a...

Economic development Political science
Journal Article
Strategies of Subversion in Vertically-Divided Contexts: Decentralisation and Urban Service Delivery in Senegal

Part of Journal Special Issue Urban Governance and Service Delivery in sub-Saharan Africa

Government accountability Political science Urbanization
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