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Working Paper
Clientelism and governance

Unlike much of the growing literature on political clientelism, this short paper contains mainly the author’s general reflections on the broad issues of governance (or mis-governance including corruption), democracy, and state capacity that cli...

vote-buying Clientelism Politics
Ethnic diversity and informal employment in Ghana

Informal activities are widespread in many developing countries. In many sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries informal economic activities account for more than one-third of economic output and more than two-thirds of employment...

Ethnic diversity Inequalities Informality
Better measures of informality can improve poverty reduction policy

In a recent study , my co-authors and I propose a new way to measure informality by household, rather than by individual worker...

Informality Labour rights Labour market outcomes
Working Paper
Youth unemployment hysteresis in South Africa: Macro-micro analysis

This study simulates the macro-micro economic impacts of the employment policy, focusing on hysteresis in youth unemployment in South Africa...

Computable general equilibrium Youth unemployment Employment
Working Paper
The electric vehicle revolution: Economic and policy implications for natural resource exporters in developing countries

The emergence of a mass market for electric vehicles (EVs) offers considerable development opportunities for resource exporters, given their intensive raw material requirements, including for cobalt, nickel, lithium, copper, aluminium, and manganese...

Transportation Raw materials Resource curse
Working Paper
Kuznets’ tension in India: Two episodes

Developing countries face a trade-off between the twin objectives of structural transformation and inclusive growth. This is the ‘developer’s dilemma’...

Developer's dilemma India Inequality
Journal Article
Policy and trade issues for a future regional biofuels market in Southern Africa

Part of Journal Special Issue Bioenergy in Southern Africa

Biofuel Policy
Book Chapter
Industries without smokestacks: Mozambique country case study

From the book: Industries without Smokestacks

Industries Exports Policy
Working Paper
Biofuels in Southern Africa: Political economy, trade, and policy environment

Expansion of biofuels production and consumption at the regional and national levels relies on both supportive energy prices and policy interventions...

Biofuel Policy
Working Paper
Industries without smokestacks: Mozambique country case study

Under the current international economic conditions, where Asian countries are strong competitors in the manufacturing commodities, low-income countries like Mozambique could attempt to compete in industries without smokestacks...

Industries Exports Policy
Fragility and development

Theme: 2006-07

In recent years there is a growing concern within the international donor community regarding the plight of a special group of countries labeled as 'Fragile States'. These states, which according to current donor lists currently numbers more...

Development and Finance Fragility Fragile states
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