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Working Paper
Zambia’s mining windfall tax

In 2008, the Government of Zambia reformed its mining tax regime for large-scale copper mines through a unilateral legislative change...

Mining windfall tax fiscal benefit sharing
Working Paper
Tanzania—from mining to oil and gas: Structural change or just big numbers?

This paper extends UNU-WIDER Working Paper 2016/79, which examined the economic situation in Tanzania during the resurgence of gold and diamond production after 1999, with the situation that emerged as the country began to exploit its very large reso...

Tanzania Gas Liquefied natural gas
Working Paper
Mining’s contribution to low- and middle-income economies

In several low- and middle-income countries with important extractive sectors, gross national income has developed favourably. Africa has benefitted most, particularly West Africa...

Mining Development Tax revenue
Lower exploration spending – another response to the end of the commodity price boom

My previous blog, which you can read here , commented on the manner in which mining companies had been able to respond to the recent decline in metals prices by significantly reducing their costs of production...

Commodity boom Mining Extractives
Cost reductions as a response to the end of the commodity price boom

The recent publication of the 3rd edition of ICMM’s The Role of Mining in National Economies (hereafter RoMiNE3) provides us with the welcome biennial review of the global situation as it affects the large mining and metals industry...

Commodity boom Mining Extractives
Working Paper
Enhancing sustainable development from oil, gas, and mining: From an ‘all of government’ approach to Partnerships for Development

This paper outlines how sustainable development in resource-rich countries requires an ‘all of government’ approach as well as multi-stakeholder dialogue and partnerships between government, companies, and civil society organizations...

Oil Mining Partnerships for Development
Working Paper
Approaches to supporting local and community development: Brazil and the Vale SA model of corporate interaction

Reflection about the role of corporate social investment in Brazil, associated with the presence of a large economic enterprise, is the major stimulus of this paper...

Public-private social partnership Territorial development Public policies
Working Paper
How do we legislate for improved community development?

A large mining project has the potential to be a partner in assisting local communities in their development efforts. Communities located in close proximity to a large mine have every right to expect that the project will benefit their community...

Community development agreement Mining Mining law
Working Paper
The taxation of extractive industries: Mining

The taxation of the mining industry varies considerably from nation to nation. This paper reflects on the evolving use of various taxation approaches applied by governments to the mining sector...

Mining Mining taxation Royalties
Working Paper
Towards contribution analysis

Since the early 1990s, at least 45 initiatives have been mounted to improve the environmental and social performance of the mining industry across the world. Many changes in the formal legal and regulatory systems have also been introduced...

Contribution analysis Mining Sustainability
Working Paper
The impact of mining on spatial inequality: Recent evidence from Africa

This paper investigates the relationship between mining and spatial inequality in Africa during 2001–12. The identification strategy is based on a unilateral causation between mining and district inequality...

Mineral resources Mining Spatial inequality
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