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Oded Stark on repercussions of negatively selective migration for the behavior of non-migrants when preferences are social
23 October 2019 15:0016:00
UNU-WIDER, Katajanokanlaituri 6 B, Helsinki, Finland
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Simone Bertoli on co-residence patterns of the individuals left behind by the migrants and their analytical implications: evidence from Mexico

Simone Bertoli will present at the WIDER Seminar Series on 18 September 2019. Abstract – Co-residence patterns of the individuals left behind by the migrants and their analytical implications: Evidence from Mexico Co-authors: Elsa Gautrain and...

18 September 2019
UNU-WIDER, Katajanokanlaituri 6 B, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
Journal Article
Migration Governance and Policy in the Global South: Introduction and Overview

Building knowledge about migration governance and policy in the Global South is a priority for research and policy...

Governance Migration policy Migration
Journal Special Issue
Migration Governance and Policy in the Global South

Building knowledge about migration governance and policy in the Global South is a priority for research and policy...

Migration Migration policy Governance
Journal Article
Fiscal Pressure of Migration and Horizontal Fiscal Inequality: Evidence from Indian Experience

This article examines the patterns and trends in inter‐State migration across the Indian States and observes that along with the demographic factors, migration is also affected by the fiscal profile of States...

Migration Inequality Demography
Working Paper
Land tenure security and internal migration in Tanzania

In this paper we study the impact of tenure security on rural to urban migration of household members over the age of 15...

Migration Land tenure Tenure security
Working Paper
Crop prices and migration in Viet Nam

This paper investigates the effect of commodity prices, in particular rice and coffee, on the individual decision of migrating in Viet Nam...

Migration Price shocks
Working Paper
Climate change, rice production, and migration in Vietnamese households

This paper analyses the relationship between climate and migration in rural households in Viet Nam...

Climate change Migration Food industry and trade
Young Afghan refugees and asylum seekers in the UK: Does more education mean better futures?

Education is my freedom ... if I have my education, everything is still possible for me in the future. Mohammed grinned, and looked down at his newly acquired university student card...

Migration Refugees Youth
Successfully integrating refugee populations: What can we learn from the experience of Vietnamese Americans?

Policy makers should see integration and upward mobility, and not simply placement and survival, as goals of resettlement of refugees...

Migration Refugees Integration
Working Paper
The impact of educational achievement on the integration and wellbeing of Afghan refugee youth in the UK

Unprecedented numbers of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children have arrived in Europe over the last decade, and young Afghans account for the highest proportion of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children across the UK...

Migration Refugees Youth
Working Paper
Economic integration of Afghan refugees in the US, 1980–2015

Using 1990 5% Census and American Community Survey data, we examine the economic integration of Afghan refugees to the US, focusing on employment rates and income levels...

economic capital cultural capital Integration
Working Paper
Settling in motion: Nyasa clandestine migration through Southern Rhodesia into the Union of South Africa: 1920s – 1950s

Illegal African migration into South Africa is not uniquely a post-apartheid phenomenon. It has its antecedents in the colonial/apartheid period...

Migration WNLA Archival
Working Paper
Following in their footsteps: an analysis of the impact of successive migration on rural household welfare in Ghana

The decision to migrate is often influenced by the experience of earlier migrants from one’s household. Earlier migrants provide information on likely opportunities and potential risks and can offer support at destination to later migrants...

Migration Ghana Asset index
Working Paper
Invisible, successful, and divided: Vietnamese in Germany since the late 1970s

Until the 1970s, only 1000 Vietnamese lived in West and East Germany, most of them international students. West Germany, in particular, had not yet been confronted with non-European refugees...

Integration International migration Refugees
Working Paper
Involuntary migration, context of reception, and social mobility: The case of Vietnamese refugee resettlement in the United States

In this study, we examine the Vietnamese population of the United States as a case study in the integration of a refugee group in a host country. We approach this case in three parts...

Refugees Involuntary migration Boat people
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