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Labour supply
Working Paper
Female labour force participation in sub-Saharan Africa: A cohort analysis

Female labour force participation rates have stagnated in sub-Saharan Africa since the turn of the millennium...

Labour supply Gender Sub-Saharan Africa
Working Paper
The rise in women’s labour force participation in Mexico: Supply vs demand factors

We estimate the relative importance of alternative labour supply and demand mechanisms in explaining the rise of female labour force participation over the last 55 years in Mexico...

Female labour force participation Mexico Education
Working Paper
Old-age pensions and female labour supply in India

Whether cash transfers have unintended behavioural effects on the recipient household’s labour supply is of considerable policy interest...

Childcare Employment Income effect
Working Paper
Social norms as a barrier to women’s employment in developing countries

This paper discusses cultural barriers to women’s participation and success in the labor market in developing countries...

Culture Institutions Developing countries
Working Paper
The tax elasticity of formal work in African countries

A key policy problem in most developing countries is the size of the informal sector and its persistence over time...

Developing countries Informality Labour supply
Journal Article
Commodity Prices and Intra-Household Labor Allocation

Volatility in commodity markets poses a distinct risk to farmers in developing countries who rely on cash crop agriculture...

Households Income Labour supply
Working Paper
Migration impact on left-behind women’s labour participation and time-use: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan

This paper aims to study the impact of migration on labour supply and time-use of women left behind in Kyrgyzstan. Using the household survey data for 2011, labour supply is measured by occupational choices and working hours...

International migration Labour supply Women
Working Paper
Links between foreign direct investment and human capital formation: Evidence from the manufacturing sector in India

This paper is related to the literature on the effect of foreign direct investment (FDI) on the labour market of host countries...

Foreign Direct Investment Human capital Labour demand
Working Paper
Coffee price volatility and intra-household labour supply: Evidence from Vietnam

Volatility in commodity markets poses an acute risk to farmers in developing countries who rely on cash crop agriculture...

Households Income Labour supply
Journal Article
Estimating labour supply elasticities based on cross-country micro data: A bridge between micro and macro estimates?

The Nordic model relies on high tax rates to finance an extensive welfare state...

Labour market Labour supply Taxation
Book Chapter
Youth in Tanzania’s Urbanizing Mining Settlements: Prospecting a Mineralized Future

From the book: African Youth and the Persistence of Marginalization

Economic development Labour supply Natural resources
Book Chapter
Women’s Labour Supply and Household Insurance in Africa

This paper investigates whether cyclical variation in women’s labour supply in Africa contributes to smoothing household consumption. We find little support for this hypothesis...

Business cycles Insurance Labour supply
Rising Inequality – How to Reverse It?

30 October 2014 Dominik Etienne and Annett Victorero The last decade has witnessed a revival of concern over the impact of high-income concentration on economic development and wellbeing...

Economic development Economic growth Economic policy
Working Paper
The Impact of Conditional Cash Transfer Programmes on Household Work Decisions in Ghana

A cash transfer programme ‘Livelihood Empowerment against Poverty’ has been implemented with the aim of addressing poverty and vulnerability in Ghana...

Econometric models (Economic development) Labour demand Labour supply
Working Paper
Youth in Tanzania’s Urbanizing Mining Settlements: Prospecting a Mineralized Future

Over the last fifteen years many African countries have experienced a ‘mining take-off’...

Economic development Labour supply Natural resources
Working Paper
Minimum Wage and Informality in Ecuador

This paper investigates if changes in the minimum wage have influenced changes on the formality and informality rates, and the level of wages in Ecuador. A 12-year panel was built...

Informal sector Labour market Labour supply
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