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Intersecting inequalities
Working Paper
Horizontal and intersecting inequalities in Mozambique: 1997–2017

This study seeks to add to the research on inequality in least developed countries, namely in Mozambique, by measuring and mapping indicators of horizontal wealth inequality along geographic regions and ethnolinguistic identities...

Inequality Horizontal inequality Wealth inequality
Unaccompanied asylum-seeking youth in the UK – an interview with an expert: Inequalities in access to education

I recently spoke to Catherine Gladwell, who is the Director and Founder of Refugee Education UK (formerly Refugee Support Network ) and one of the researchers who contributed to our special issue of the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies on invo...

Inequalities Intersecting inequalities Refugees
Working Paper
Intersecting inequalities and the Sustainable Development Goals: Insights from Brazil

Concerns about the dramatic rise in income inequality across the world and, at the same time, assessments of national progress on the Millennium Development Goals made it clear that it is the intersection of income inequality, marginalized social ide...

Income distribution Intersecting inequalities Labour market segmentation
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