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Working Paper
Contract clientelism: How infrastructure contracts fund vote-buying

Where does the money come from to buy votes? We argue that an important source of funds for vote-buying comes from ‘contract clientelism’, or the provision of public contracts to private firms in exchange for campaign donations...

Contracts vote-buying Clientelism
Working Paper
COVID-19 and trade facilitation in Southern Africa: Implications for the AfCFTA

COVID-19 has created a trade crisis in Southern Africa, with a dramatic slowdown in cross-border trade...

COVID-19 Trade facilitation Regional integration
Infrastructure spend: insights from the effect of a bridge across the Zambezi on maize prices

Investments in infrastructure – such as roads – typically aim to reduce transport costs, stimulate trade, and make new production activities viable. Across sub-Saharan Africa, the need for such investments is widely acknowledged ...

Infrastructure Agriculture Mozambique
Journal Article
Infrastructure improvements and maize market integration: Bridging the Zambezi in Mozambique

Historically, transport infrastructure connecting the most agriculturally productive areas of Mozambique and the richer southern region has been poor...

Infrastructure Agricultural market performance Prices
Research Brief
Solutions for designing better special economic zones programmes in Africa

Special economic zones (SEZ) in Africa are generally regarded as underperforming relative to their peers in the rest of the world...

Design attributes Implementation Infrastructure
Working Paper
The potential of extractive industries as anchor investments for broader regional development

The paper reviews what we know about the possibilities of designing and implementing policy measures that raise the contribution of the extractive industries’ production/consumption links to economic growth and wellbeing, and reviews how polici...

Downstream processing Extractive industries Infrastructure
Working Paper
Investigating the fiscal resource curse: What’s China got to do with it?

The term fiscal resource curse refers to countries’ inability to raise taxes from a broad base in the presence of natural resources...

China Infrastructure Natural resources
Working Paper
Resource sector concessions and spatial development in Southern Africa

This paper explores how Southern Africa can leverage its mineral resources to support growth and industrialization...

Computable general equilibrium Infrastructure Resource sector
Working Paper
Special economic zones in Southern Africa: Is success influenced by design attributes?

Special economic zones (SEZs) in Africa are generally regarded as underperforming relative to their peers in the rest of the world. This study focuses on the design features of the SEZ in Africa that may help explain this underperformance...

Design attributes Implementation Infrastructure
Book Chapter
The construction sector in Zambia

From the book: Mining for Change

Industrialization Local content Economic linkages
Book Chapter
The construction sector in Ghana

From the book: Mining for Change

Construction sector Price dynamics Expenditure shocks
Book Chapter
Does construction limit investment?

From the book: Mining for Change

Construction industries Infrastructure Procurement
Working Paper
Roads and jobs in Ethiopia

We look at how improving roads can affect jobs and structural transformation...

Ethiopia Roads Structural transformation
Working Paper
The effects of the Maputo ring road on the quantity and quality of nearby housing

Using convolutional neural networks applied to satellite images covering a 25 km x 12 km rectangle on the northern outskirts of Greater Maputo, we detect and classify buildings from 2010 and 2018 in order to compare the development in quantity and qu...

Mozambique Infrastructure Impact evaluation
Working Paper
De-industrialization, re-industrialization, and the resurgence of state capitalism: The case of Indonesia

Discussions on the developing world’s industrial policies have largely neglected the role of state-owned entities...

Industrialization Industrial policy Infrastructure
Working Paper
The role of the construction sector in influencing natural resource use, structural change, and industrial development in Zambia

The construction sector plays a critical role in delivering quality infrastructure, which in turn influences the use of natural resource revenues towards achieving structural change and industrial development...

Construction sector Infrastructure Prices
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