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Horizontal inequality
Working Paper
Horizontal inequality and data challenges

Inequality and social exclusion receive considerable contemporary policy attention...

Ethnic group Group-based inequality Horizontal inequality
Working Paper
Legal empowerment and group-based inequality

Legal empowerment has become widely accepted in development policy circles as an approach to addressing poverty and exclusion...

Legal empowerment Ethnicity Horizontal inequality
Working Paper
Inequality of opportunities among ethnic groups in the Philippines

This paper contributes to the scant body of literature on inequalities among and within ethnic groups in the Philippines by examining both the vertical and horizontal measures in terms of opportunities in accessing basic services such as education, e...

Ethnic group Horizontal inequality Indigenous peoples
Working Paper
Patterns and trends in horizontal inequality in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

We analyse horizontal inequality in wealth and in years of education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo over the period 2001–13...

Democratic Republic of the Congo Economic status Education
Working Paper
The politics of horizontal inequality: Indigenous opposition to wind farm development in Mexico

In less than a decade, foreign investors have erected more than 3,200 wind turbines across the Isthmus of Techuantepec investing billions of dollars and generating more than 90 per cent of Mexico’s wind energy...

Ethnicity Horizontal inequality Indigenous peoples
Working Paper
Regional inequality of economic outcomes and opportunities in Ethiopia: A tale of two periods

This paper provides an informative picture of the extent of regional inequality of economic outcomes and opportunities in the pre-and post-reform Ethiopia...

Horizontal inequality Intergenerational Mobility Economic outcomes
Working Paper
Legal empowerment and horizontal inequalities after conflict

This article explores whether legal empowerment can address horizontal inequalities in post-conflict settings, and if so, how...

Horizontal inequality Legal empowerment Peacebuilding
Working Paper
Group-based inequalities: The case of Viet Nam

This paper examines the issue of horizontal inequalities in Viet Nam over the past 20 years...

Viet Nam Horizontal inequality Ethnic relations
Working Paper
Horizontal inequality, status optimization, and interethnic marriage in a conflict-affected society

Although several theories of interethnic conflict emphasize ties across group boundaries as conducive to ethnic coexistence, little is known about how such ties are formed...

Horizontal inequality Ethnic conflict Social status
Working Paper
Historical origins of persistent inequality in Nigeria

Horizontal inequality by ethnic group has remained remarkably persistent for wealth, education, and access to certain services in Nigeria...

Development Ethnicity Geopolitical zone
Working Paper
Group inequality and regional development: Evidence from Pakistan

This study explores the patterns and consequences of ethnic and regional inequalities in Pakistan...

Horizontal inequality Publicly provided goods
The politics of group-based inequalities - measurement, implications, and possibilities for change

Theme: Inclusion

Inclusion Inequality Horizontal inequality
Disadvantaged groups and social mobility

Theme: Inclusion

This project has three main objectives in line with UNU-WIDER’s tradition in the area of inclusion and horizontal inequality: (1) to shed further light on the extent to which inequalities run along ethnic, gender, and other communal lines; (2...

Disadvantaged groups Social mobility Group-based inequality
Annual Lecture
WIDER Annual Lecture 5 - Horizontal Inequality: A Neglected Dimension of Development

This lecture will focus on horizontal inequality, i.e. inequality among culturally defined groups (e.g. the Malays and Chinese in Malaysia, Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda, or Catholic and Protestants in N.Ireland), and the implications this has for...

14 December 2001
Marina Congress Center, Katajanokanlaituri 6, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
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