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Journal Article
Gold Mining Pollution and the Cost of Private Healthcare: The Case of Ghana

To attract greater levels of foreign direct investment into their gold-mining sectors, many mineral-rich countries in sub-Saharan Africa have been willing to overlook serious instances of mining company non-compliance with environmental standards...

Mining pollution Healthcare expenditure Hedonic analysis
Working Paper
Oil discovery and macroeconomic management: The recent Ghanaian experience

This paper analyses the evolution of fiscal and monetary variables in Ghana, from the discovery of oil in 2007 through to 2014...

Ghana Macroeconomic policy Oil
Working Paper
Explaining gender differences in preference for self-employment among tertiary graduates in Ghana

We examine gender differences in ambitions and expectations of jobseekers concerning self-employment, an increasingly proposed option for youth in economies with limited wage employment...

Gender Ghana Graduate employability
Research Brief
Oil in Ghana: How inflated expectations of oil revenues led to a deterioration in macroeconomic management Oil Ghana extractives industry
Working Paper
The agro-processing industry and its potential for structural transformation of the Ghanaian economy

The paper explores the potential of Ghana’s agro-processing industry in contributing to the development and structural transformation of the economy...

Agro-processing Economic growth Value chains
Working Paper
Putting Paris into practice: Foreign aid, national ownership, and donor alignment in Mali and Ghana

This paper examines the application of the first two principles of the 2005 Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, namely ownership and alignment, to the cases of Mali and Ghana...

Aid effectiveness Paris decleration ownership
A tax-benefit model for Ghana
5 September 2016
University of Essex, Essex, United Kingdom
Past event
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