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Tony Addison speaks on extractives industries and development during Mozambican MPs’ visit to Finnish parliament

UNU-WIDER Chief Economist-Deputy Director, Tony Addison , presented on the extractives industries and development during the exchange visit of the 5th Commission of the Parliament of Mozambique to Finland on 14 November 2017. Tony Addison presenting...

Extractives Mozambique
Working Paper
Regulatory structures and challenges to developmental extractives: Some practical observations from Ghana

At the heart of an effective extractive resource-based economic transformation and development is an effective regulatory framework that guides the promotion of investments into the sector, the procedure for responsible extraction, and the management...

Development Extractives Regulatory
Working Paper
Choices for spending government revenue: New African oil, gas, and mining economies

This paper examines a broad range of opportunities for addressing the pressing human development needs of low-income countries by using new oil, gas, and mineral discoveries...

Extractives Education Framework
Lower exploration spending – another response to the end of the commodity price boom

My previous blog, which you can read here , commented on the manner in which mining companies had been able to respond to the recent decline in metals prices by significantly reducing their costs of production...

Commodity boom Mining Extractives
Cost reductions as a response to the end of the commodity price boom

The recent publication of the 3rd edition of ICMM’s The Role of Mining in National Economies (hereafter RoMiNE3) provides us with the welcome biennial review of the global situation as it affects the large mining and metals industry...

Commodity boom Mining Extractives
Working Paper
Framework: The channels for indirect impacts

This paper discusses the channels of impact of an extractives activity on an economy by presenting a brief description supported by graphics of the different routes through which the direct economic and social impacts of these activities might be enh...

Extractives economic impact multiplier effects
Working Paper
Extractive revenues and government spending: Short- versus long-term considerations

The prescription of optimally managing natural resource revenue windfalls by smoothing consumption across generations using an intergenerational sovereign wealth fund that only invests in foreign assets is not appropriate for resource-rich developing...

Extractives Revenues
Research Brief
Community development planning: Success and failure in the extractive sector Extractives Capacity building community development
Working Paper
Political economy and governance

This paper reviews the political economy of extractive resources and the associated resources sector governance agenda...

Natural resources Extractives Political economy
Working Paper
Oil and gas companies and the management of social and environmental impacts and issues: The evolution of the industry’s approach

This paper provides an overview of social and environmental management practices in the oil and gas industry...

Social performance Social investment Corporate social responsibility
Prospects for a Tanzanian transformation

Researchers, policy makers, and representatives of international institutions recently gathered in Dar es Salaam to discuss prospects for a transformation of Tanzania’s economy...

Transformation Growth Informal sector (Economics)
Working Paper
Mining and economic development: Did China’s WTO accession affect African local economic development?

This paper investigates China’s influence on local economic development in 37 African countries between 1997 and 2007...

Extractives Mineral industries Commodity boom
In the media
Is foreign direct investment driving capital flight from Africa? Real News interviews Léonce Ndikumana on a recent UNU-WIDER study

Real News interviewed Léonce Ndikumana, director of the Foreign Policy Programme at the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI), on a recent WIDER Working Paper on capital flight from sub-Saharan African countries authored by Ndikumana and Mare...

Extractives Foreign Direct Investment Capital Flight
Extractives for development (E4D)

Theme: Transformation

Wealth Natural resources Management
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