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Environmental policy
Journal Article
Foreign Aid and Climate Change Policy: What Can(’t) the Data Tell Us?

Part of Journal Special Issue Aid Impact and Effectiveness

Adaptation Climate change Climate change mitigation
Working Paper
Foreign aid and climate change policy: What can(’t) the data tell us?

Climate-related foreign aid is on the rise, with signatories to the Paris Climate agreement pledging US$100 billion annually to promote mitigation and adaptation in recipient countries...

Adaptation Climate change Climate change mitigation
Working Paper
The history and politics of energy transitions: Comparing contested views and finding common ground

According to some definitions, an energy transition refers to the time that elapses between the introduction of a new primary energy source, or prime mover, and its rise to claiming a substantial share of the overall market...

Environmental policy Natural resources Power resources
Working Paper
Governing clean energy transitions in China and India: A comparative political economy analysis

China and India will have to radically transform their electric power systems in order to decouple economic growth from unsustainable resource consumption...

Economic growth Environmental policy Political science
Working Paper
The social shaping of nuclear energy technology in South Africa

This paper analyses the question why the South African government intends to procure nuclear energy technology, despite affordable and accessible fossil and renewable energy alternatives...

Environmental policy Renewable energy sources Technology
Working Paper
The political economy of energy innovation

This paper empirically investigates the effects of environmental policy, institutions, political orientation, and lobbying on energy innovation and finds that they significantly affect the incentives to innovate and create cleaner energy efficient te...

Environmental policy Political science Renewable energy sources
Working Paper
Support policies for renewables: Instrument choice and instrument change from a Public Choice perspective

This paper frames the transition towards clean energies as a sequential process of instrument choice and instrument change. First, regulators decide how to initiate the transition away from fossil energies...

Environmental policy Management Renewable energy sources
Journal Article
Climate Change Impacts and Adaptations: Lessons Learned from the Greater Zambeze River Valley and Beyond

Part of Journal Special Issue Climate Change and the Zambezi River Valley

Climatic changes Environmental policy Globalization
Illegal Fishing by Small-Scale Fishers in Ghana: Findings and Policy Suggestions

27 May 2014 Wisdom Akpalu The number of fishers and fishing vessels in the capture fishery sector, especially the artisanal marine fishery sub-sector, in Ghana has grown significantly over the past two decades leading to declining catches per trip...

Agriculture Ecology Environmental law
Working Paper
Aid and Environment in Africa: The Case of Tanzania

This paper provides an assessment of what aid has actually been doing in the area of environment in Tanzania through a critical review of the flows, modalities and management of aid...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic development Environmental policy
Journal Article
Economy-Wide Implications of Energy Build Plans: A linked modeling approach

We introduce a linked modeling framework based on existing computable general equilibrium and energy planning models for South Africa...

Climatic changes Economic development Environmental policy
Aid and our Changing Environment: What did we Learn?

24 June 2013 Tony Addison The Stockholm ReCom results meeting at Sida on 4 June was a lively exchange on all aspects of foreign aid and climate change finance (including the role of private finance)...

Climatic changes Economic assistance and foreign aid Environmental policy
Book Chapter
Global Asymmetries and their Implications for Climate and Industrial Policies

From the book: Pathways to Industrialization in the Twenty-First Century

Environmental economics Environmental policy Economic aspects (Environmental policy)
Research Communication: Why Doesn’t Research Turn Into Policy?

30 October 2012 At the recent UNU-WIDER research conference on development and climate change, the communications team took the opportunity to ask participants visiting us here in Helsinki for their views on how research turns into policy...

Climatic changes Economic policy Economics
Working Paper
Climate and Industrial Policy in an Asymmetric World

Climate change is a phenomenon leading to randomly distributed disasters around the globe...

Environmental economics Environmental policy Economic aspects (Environmental policy)
Introducing Carbon Taxes in South Africa

James Thurlow South Africa is one of the largest greenhouse gas (GHG) emitters. In 2007 it ranked 13th amongst all countries in terms of its overall emissions from burning fossil fuels, and its per capita emissions were twice the global average...

Environmental aspects (Commercial policy) Economic aspects (Natural resources) Environmental aspects (Taxation)
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