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Economic crisis
Journal Article
Does economic crisis have different impact on husbands and wives?: Evidence from the Asian Financial Crisis in Indonesia

Part of Journal Special Issue Female Autonomy and Women’s Welfare

Economic crisis Coping strategies Gender
Working Paper
Simulating the effect on households’ real consumption and poverty of the increase in prices that followed the 2015–16 economic crisis in Mozambique

Poverty declined substantially in Mozambique between 1996/97 and 2014/15. However, the recent economic crisis, characterized by a significant increase in domestic prices, may have dragged several households into poverty...

price increase Economic crisis Poverty
Working Paper
The differential impact of economic crisis on men and women, and its connection to intra-household bargaining

This paper discusses whether the Asian financial crisis affected men and women differently in Indonesia by estimating the effect of district consumption shock during the crisis on changes in men’s and women’s working status and assets...

Economic crisis Coping strategies Gender
Financial Reforms and Falling Inequality in Latin America, 2002-12: Are They Connected?

Read the blog post in rightingfinance.org by Giovanni Andrea Cornia editor of the UNU-WIDER book volume Falling inequality in Latin America: Policy changes and lessons.

Inequality Economic growth Economic crisis
Falling inequality in Latin America – evidence from the last decade and prospects for the future

Theme: 2010-11

Economic Policy and Good Governance Economic crisis Poverty
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