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Agricultural productivity
Book Chapter
Agriculture, the Rural Sector, and Development

From the book: Asian Transformations

Agricultural productivity structural change Rural development
Working Paper
Mobile phone use, productivity and labour market in Tanzania

Access to mobile phone has increased substantially over the last decade in sub-Saharan Africa...

Mobile phones Agricultural productivity Market prices
Book Chapter
Southeast Asia

From the book: Asian Transformations

Agricultural productivity Investments Foreign
What should Mozambique do with the revenue from natural gas projects? (Part III)

At the beginning of this decade, large offshore natural gas fields were discovered in north-east Mozambique. Investment is now flowing into the country, and a boom in the natural gas sector is expected...

Extractives Mozambique Revenues
Working Paper
Market constraints, misallocation, and productivity in Vietnam agriculture

We examine important changes in agriculture in Vietnam in the context of ongoing structural changes in the economy...

Agriculture Misallocation Productivity
Working Paper
Six development paths in Southeast Asia: Three plus three

Six Southeast Asian countries (Cambodia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Thailand) defied Gunnar Myrdal’s pessimistic prognosis in his 1968 volume, Asian Drama, regarding their prospects for devel...

Agricultural productivity Investments, Foreign Industrial policy
Working Paper
Land rights, agricultural productivity, and deforestation in Vietnam

This paper studies the relationship between land tenure for smallholder agriculture and deforestation in Vietnam. We combine high resolution satellite data on deforestation with rich household and commune-level, biannual panel data...

Deforestation Agricultural productivity Land tenure
Working Paper
Agricultural and rural transformations in Asian development

Over the past sixty years, most Asian countries have undergone relatively rapid agricultural transformations that helped jumpstart broader economic development...

Agricultural productivity structural change Rural development
Working Paper
Gender divide in agricultural productivity in Mozambique

In this study we analyze the gender gap in agricultural productivity in Mozambique applying the Oaxaca-Blinder decomposition approach on data from four agricultural surveys between 2002 and 2012...

Gender gap Agricultural productivity Mozambique
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